StaffUp ‘s main goal is to provide sophisticated functionality to provide real-time operational data for the airport. In addition to consultation and navigation, it is possible to perform operations on field systems.

StaffUp is a tool in which all information is correlated and it is easy and intuitive to navigate between them using connection links.

StaffUp offers the possibility to all airports, regardless of the operating platforms used, to connect to the field systems through a decoupling software gateway.

The App is natively able to connect to the modules of AOSnice. This means that an airport manager using AOSnice solutions can have immediate availability of the app. Airports with third-party platforms will be able to provide data access services according to a standard defined by StaffUp .

The characteristics that make StaffUp unique in the commercial panorama can be summarized in the following points:

Use of all relevant modules of the AOSnice platform natively.
Possibility to connect to legacy systems and other manufacturers through a decoupling software gateway.
Guaranteed controlled access with respect to roles and operational capabilities. This function makes the APP available to all airport stakeholders in complete safety.
Use of responsive webapp already available directly in the APP container through the use of a configuration environment.
Maximize the exploitation of existing technologies by masking users with their complexity
Opening to the implementation of new custom features

Software Design proposes an “As a Service” use with an challenging annual fee.


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