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Conversational software which, through a Chat interface, simulates the interaction between passengers and an airport operator. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence solutions, it is able to understand the requests of passengers, process instantaneously a large amount of data and provide in a short time a more punctual response to questions concerning flights, airport services and tourist attractions. By taking advantage of the different messaging platforms, the system is able to provide answers that integrate graphic and dynamic content making interaction with the passengers engaging.
Operator side of the airport customer service, the system provides a control console through which the performance of the chatbot can be monitored, takes charge of the most critical conversations and manages the general settings of the chatbot.

The software can be integrated with different messaging platforms on the market (Facebook Messenger, Webchat, Telegram, Skype, Slack, etc.). By accessing one of these platforms the user can interact with the chatbot through two modes:

  •  A static question/answer scheme characterized by a selection of preset answers, among which the user can select the one that best suits his needs;
  • Free text or voice insertion that, through a Natural Language Process technology, is understood and processed by the chatbot, which is able to provide the most accurate response to the request made by the user.

Taking advantage of one of these modes, the user can converse effectively with the chatbot and quickly access the following features:

  • Flight info: consultation of information on departing and arriving flights such as take-off / landing time, reference gate, bank checking, status (time / delay)
  • Airport services: search for the services present inside the airport whether they are offered by the airport (bathrooms, security checks, information desk) or referred to the shops (shops and restaurants) using indoor navigation technologies
  • Online purchases: purchase of the services offered within the airport e-shop portal (parking, VIP lounge, fast track, hotel, duty free online, etc.)
  • Tourist assistance: search for tourist information related to the places of greatest interest in the city and its province
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