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ResourceTracer is a highly significant solution for planning and management issues of human resources and mobile equipments. Regarding human resources, it allows the management of :

  • labour contracts,
  • trade union agreements,
  • staff preferences,
  • working shifts,
  • unavailability calendars,
  • real-time control of the actual presence against expected presences
  • presence registration regarding both the shift really covered and potential variations such as extra work or absence permits.

Resource Tracer acquire in real time presence data through the time and attendance system card swipes of staff and the acquisition of the assigned shifts for the current day from the roster system. Presence data are used to present the timeline of the foreseen shift versus the actual presence also raising alarms in case of lack of presence. These alarms allows staff dispatching resources to manage in real time absences finding for a solution as early as possible.

Moreover, presence data can be certified by appointed supervisors and exported to be used by payroll applications. Human resources are organised hierarchically by Factory, Department, Section and Organisational Area. In addition, human resources are characterised by skill which they are able to carry out and for each skill by a level of ability expressing the capability of a resource to carry out the activities implying a specific skill. Regarding mobile resources such as Ground Service Equipment, ResourceTracer provides tools to :

  • configure families of devices,
  • configure instances of devices and their specific attributes,
  • manage the unavailability calendars.

Both human resources and equipments can belong to Organisational Areas that on their turn can be characterised by one or more dispatching points.


The use of the Resource Tracer allows a series of advantages among which we can list:

  • Quick answer to the rapid evolutions of the work load and needs, guaranteeing, at the same time, the maximum efficiency regarding the use of the available resources
  • Reduce the impacts due to the necessity to manage activities or important events not expected
  • Business increase through a larger number of flights and passengers managed by better exploiting currently available resources
  • High level of passengers satisfaction by means of a remarkable reduction of waiting times
  • Better coordination of the planning and management of different typologies of resources correlated between them
  • High level of coordination among all airport operators
  • Increasing power for the management of criticalities



ResourceTracer is a solution of enormous interest for the problems of planning and management of human resources and mobile equipment, it is the planning system of all types of human resources (handling operators, security, etc.) that through Staffing Needs operations, Shift Generation, Rostering, Real-time management is able to fully cover all phases of the airport resource planning and management process. The system satisfies the on-line control needs of the shifts and the attendance of the operational and administrative staff, these functionalities are offered through the control of the entry and exit stamps of the employees in order to allow the presentation of the information in real time.



Resource Tracer provides specific functionalities for configuring the various types of services, the relative algorithms for calculating the number of resources required based on the actual load and the skills of the resources suitable for carrying out the service.

The system, in fact, is a useful work tool for those who:

  • they are involved in the definition and planning of contracts and work shifts.
  • in the configuration and management of mobile resources present in airport sites.

In the Resource Tracer the configuration is not intended as a mere definition of the registry of resources but goes further, also defining their specific organization in terms of configuration:

  • of shifts
  • of justifications or causal time variations
  • of the organization chart in which the staff is inserted
  • of contracts defined and therefore associated with each employee
  • of the necessary skills
  • of the necessary Ground Service Equipment
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