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The aeronautical revenues paid by carriers and passengers amount to an average of around 50% of the total airport revenues. Non-aeronautical revenues from sources such as retail, car parking, real estate, ancillary services and advertising are still far from the expected percentages for the so-called “aggressive airports”. Less than increases in passenger traffic, to increase airport revenues it is necessary to give more space to services directly or indirectly related to passenger management.
As airlines today have total control over passenger relations, airports need to devise new strategies to engage their customers on their end-to-end journey, offering unique and unparalleled services that meet expectations. of all user profiles. The vast majority of air passengers expect, much more strongly than other modes of transport, to live a “fully integrated experience” that can take due account of their needs and preferences and can ensure relaxation and care during transit in the airport facilities.
Software Design believes that in order to radically transform the airport business model, it is necessary to meet these expectations through a customer-centric vision and innovative tools to offer in a dynamic, adaptive, proactive and holistic approach everything that passengers need when they need it.
The approach to the new airport model called “Customer Oriented Airport” is based on the synergistic effect of two essential elements that can transform passengers into airport customers:

  • Passenger Experience Improvement
  • Non-aviation business growth through loyalty processes

To implement this new relationship model, Software Design has designed an integrated platform composed of various types of systems that operate in a synergic way through Business Orchestration functions designed to maximize the benefits of each individual element in a virtuous circle of advantages for the airport and for each user.

Software Design solutions include both field systems and Business modules and have been inspired by a strongly mobile approach in which sophisticated registration functions allow the creation of a sort of virtual passenger identity document. The field systems are designed to guarantee a loose integration with the operational management of all applicable airport services (parking, shops, FastTrack, VipLounge, ..).

These solutions, working in unison, allow the creation of new operational processes: a passenger who purchases goods in airport stores can show the virtual Fidelity Card and obtain loyalty points. The credits acquired can then be used to book a FastTrack coupon that enables FastTrack access simply by bringing the smartphone close to the gateway tablet. All data managed by the field systems and loyalty programs are stored and aggregated in a CRM (Customer Relationships Management) platform, dedicated to managing relationships with customers, to create profiled contacts. These profiles can be used to manage marketing activities appropriately.


The “Sales Support Systems” family offers tools to enable the purchase of online web services and the sale of goods and services through dedicated infrastructures


The “Passenger Assistance” family offers advanced services able to put together both operational information and business promotion information.


The family of systems dedicated to the management of loyalty programs to make the passenger feel cared for and followed in all his needs


The solution aimed at exploiting the potential of Business Intelligence with comparative analytical skills to support the adoption of the most appropriate commercial choices


SEA – Milan Airports

Gesac – Naples Salerno Airports

Sagat – Turin Airport

Gesap – Palermo Airport

SAB – Bologna Airport

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