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The NAB platform provides specialized datamarts for sales analysis. By exploiting the capabilities and potential of the Busness Intelligence platform, it is possible to perform comparative analysis of historical information aimed at supporting the adoption of the most appropriate commercial choices.

The DataWarehouse is powered by the information automatically acquired by the field systems through a proprietary ETL system that groups the data according to “denormalized” models that allow extremely low processing times. In addition to the operating data, data of a commercial nature relating to the purchase and use of the services are also managed.

By exploiting the mobile technologies of BI platforms and feeding data with tight frequencies, it is possible to realize the dream of bringing in the hands of managers and service managers updated information on the trends of the day. In this way, in case of critical situations, prompt action can be taken and the causes of deviations corrected.


Business Intelligence is the system designed to provide users with information to track and analyze corporate trends and support decisions in the airport world

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