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Model 231 and Code of Ethics

In compliance with Legislative Decree n. 231/2001 (which burdened companies with an administrative –de facto penal – liability system), since November 14th, 2011, Software Design Srl has been adopting a model (hereafter named “Model 231”) for organizational, managerial and control issues. The latest edition has been approved in December 2023.
A Vigilance Body has been appointed in order to monitor the functioning and observance of the Model itself; such body has been granted with independent powers of initiative and control. Moreover, it shall be in charge of the constant update of Model 231.

The Company has recently approved a revision of the Code of Ethics, which clearly defines the whole of values that Software Design recognizes, accepts and shares. Internal and external activities at Software Design are inspired by the principles included into the Code, which also represents a fundamental element of the Model and of the overall system of internal control; the Company believes that running business ethically is the key to a successful enterprise.

See Code of Ethics

Vedi Codice Etico

Vedi Politica Aziendale Anticorruzione

Vigilance Body

Software Design’s Vigilance Body has been appointed by the Board of Directors and consists of an external member, Mr Renato Colavolpe.
Duties and operations of the Vigilance Body are regulated according to the Vigilance Body Regulations.

Violations to Model 231

Violations to Model 231 can be sent: 

  1. by email to
  2. by regular mail, at the address Software Design srl – Organismo di Vigilanza 231 -Aeroporto di Capodichino -Viale F. Ruffo di Calabria snc – 80144 Napoli
  3. by IT platform, which can be accessed by clicking on the link below (“Enter your report here”). The system allows the submission of reports both in written and oral form, through an online guided path without the obligation to register or declare one’s personal data.

Enter your report here

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