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ERP Oracle Applications, e-business suite


EasyERP, Oracle EBusiness Suite is a single application platform that offers databases, development and reporting tools, management applications. It is the Oracle Applications e-Business suite to enable companies to make the most effective and efficient decisions.

The introduction of an ERP system is a choice that implies a high business impact, not only from a technological point of view, but above all at a cultural and organizational level.

The oracle application e-business suite exploits the technological features of the Oracle database, in particular with the Workflow, covering all the application areas from the financial part to the production and process control one.

EasyERP is a complete, unique and integrated solution designed to be truly “easy”, allowing a wide diffusion. EasyERP is addressed to the administrations and to the management and personal control offices of both Airport Authorities and Handling Agents. Based on the Oracle Applications platform and fully integrated with the management applications for the direct acquisition of operational data, it covers the aspects related to General Accounting, Asset Management, Customer Accounts, Supplier Accounting, Purchasing Cycle, Management Control.

In particular, for airport companies, the following features are covered:

  • Active airport billing system:
    • Rights billing management
    • Billing management of Handling services
    • Billing management of the ICBs
    • Customer Personal Identification (vectors)
    • Creation Centralized Dashboard for the automatic invoicing of Handling and Authority
  • Billing system ACU-ASU devices
  • Contract management module – Contract Management
    • Rentals
    • Network services
    • Management of rules of contract exceptions and annual adjustments
  • Integration with e-commerce system:
    • Parking billing
    • Pre-paid cards
    • Retails
    • Corporate Cards
  • Integration with traffic data management system
  • Integration with the Retail system
  • Cost Management:
    • Acquisition of Telepass handling
    • Acquisition of handling (Skidata, Designa)
    • Fast Track and Vip Lounge
  • Purchasing Workflow Management:
    • Purchase Requests
    • Payment requests
    • Request for Expenditure


The main advantages of EasyERP consist in offering:

“Solution realized on an already customized eBS product developed on an airport business model and Integrated with AOS system and extra-air systems”

“Implementation plan covering all processes, accounting, management  and regulatory”

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