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The eCommerce tools are essentially made up of web tools to select the services to be purchased and interface modules to bank gateways to make payments through the use of credit cards. The selected services can be hosted in a shopping cart and only eventually purchased jointly. The services that can be purchased can belong to two different categories based on two different evaluation logics: by quantity, by time.
As an example, the parking services are “by time” as they depend on the duration of the stay, while the FastTrack and VIP Lounge services are “by quantity” because they can be purchased in quantity. By email, for the “by quantity” services, the system sends a ticket for each instance purchased, while for the “by time” services a single access code is provided.
Software Design provides:
  • back office environment for configuration and management
  • a responsive portal for passengers that can automatically adapt to the size of the specific device used to access the platform
  • flexible pricing system with dynamic revenue management capabilities
  • a middleware that decouples the logics of selecting the service from those of payment through various bank gateways
  • a middleware that decouples the operating logic of the field systems with particular reference to parking systemsVipLounge and FastTrack.
  • parking discount engine that applies to payments to the parking lots, able to apply discount logics linked to additional commercial instruments such as promotions linked to the airlines or to loyalty programs
Main points that characterize the system as a unique solution for the airport context are:
  • ability to configure and sell multiple types of products
  • recording capacity of users for storage and management of contact data
  • support functions for the shipment of the purchased products
  • management of ticketing by means of production and mailing of tickets for the use of the airport services purchased
  • native opening to integration with the loyalty program management module of the Non Aviation Business platform
  • management of a single integrated cart for the purchase of several basic products and ancillary products
  • specialized revenue management capacity for the sale of car parks
Revenue Management for parking permits the remodeling of the base price derived from the tariff models applicable to the reservation request. In practice, the tariff is dynamically proportional to the value defined in the tariff model inversely proportional to the average or maximum occupancy value of the entire planned parking period.
Finally, the system allows for each “Type of Product” to send an e-mail to the supplier with an excel sheet attached with the details of the products sold updated with respect to the date of the last dispatch. If it is established that the sending to the supplier must be done once a month and from the previous month there has been no sale, the system will not send the email.
Each product managed by the platform can be managed in “stand alone” mode or it can be connected to a third legacy system that guarantees the availability of the product.


The expected benefits of using the FlyCommerce system within the Non Aeronautical Business model conceived by Software Design are many:

Increase in sales through multi-channel interactions and up-selling and cross-selling capabilities 
”Dynamic Revenue Management capabilities that can support costing definition in an adaptive way
Massive use of the parking service, the largest source of non-aeronautical revenues for airport managers
 Possibility of integrating goods and services of third parties, inside and outside the airport
Wide selection of banking services for payment transactions
 “Openness to integration with third-party systems
 The pages, made in responsive mode, can be used with ergonomics and pleasantness even on tablets and smartphones





The system is equipped with a rich set of tools that guarantee complete support in all phases of sales management and for all categories of users with particular reference to the management processes in the back office and to the booking process, purchase and eventual delivery. The back office environment, reserved for commercial managers, has been designed to guarantee maximum ease of use and provides a rich set of functions aimed at clear identification of the products to be sold and the commercial policies to be applied:
  • parking configuration
  • product configuration
  • tariff model configuration
  • multilingual management.


User Registration

Availability Check

Payment execution


User Registration
The online purchase portal allows you to register so that data can be reused in all purchase transactions. The user’s configuration is structured in a series of datasets or groups of information that are instrumental to the activation of different methods of use or services of the platform:
  • standard account data such as username and password
  • personal data and contact details
  • billing data (to keep the billing information to be used to prepare the invoice if required),
  • addresses for shipping the purchased products,
  • data of the services to which you decide to join, such as the Loyalty Program
  • Telepass data to allow access to parking with Telepass device even when booking online.

The registration operation assigns a password that can, together with the chosen username, be subsequently used to automatically access the contact data and possibly modify or enrich them. For issues related to security upon completion of a registration, an email is sent to the notified address and only after the activation of a link contained in the registration is completed and activated.

The booking management, regardless of registration, provides for a phase of creating a reservation and any changes or cancellations of the same if allowed by the configuration of the specific product.

 Booking Submission
From the booking form it is possible to buy products characterized by the time base (eg car parks) and products characterized by a quantity (eg prepaid cards). In the upper part of the mask appears the list of Types of Products offered for sale by the airport. By way of example, the parking reservation process is organized according to the following procedure:
  • Check availability. The passenger enters the period of interest and checks the availability of parking spaces. If you check the field “Do you have a convention code?” You can enter both a convention code and a loyalty card code to access the offer of special products and / or special rates. In case of insertion of a fidelity card VIP code, the treatment reserved to card holders is applied, not the explicit code entered.
  • Parking selection. After checking the availability, the system shows the parking areas available for the selected period ordered by tariff, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Based on a configuration parameter, products temporarily out of stock can also be presented for completeness of information. By clicking on “Add to Cart” at the selected parking, this is inserted in the shopping cart.
  • Select additional services: after selecting the parking of interest, you can also select additional services (eg: entry to Fast Track or VIP Lounge), if it is present for the selected product / parking
  • Entering and confirming data. After adding the products of interest to the cart, you can switch to the purchase. A form is presented that requires the entry of personal data unless the user is already registered. In this case the recorded data are automatically presented. If you set the “Request Invoice” flag, the user data mask expands to present and manage billing and delivery information. The form is populated with any registration data that may be present and allows any specific changes to the transaction in progress. At the end a form is presented with a summary of all the information and with the possibility to modify what has been inserted or proceed with the next payment step. In the absence of a conforming registration, acceptance of both the terms and conditions of the service and the regulation of the service is also required.
  • Payment execution: once the data has been confirmed, the purchase form is presented where the user must enter the details of his credit card details. Information on access to the car park: allows you to select the parking access method selectable between Telepass, PinCode and Credit card. In the case of Telepass and credit card the telepass or credit card number is requested, while the PinCode is automatically set. The credit card data is managed directly by the bank in order to ensure maximum protection and confidentiality. In fact, the system refers to the payment gateway through which to enter the data of your credit card and finalize the purchase. In case of successful payment, the system will present a purchase confirmation page and send an email with the booking codes.

Booking Updates

The reservation number can be used to modify or cancel, if the configuration foresees it, its reservation. The cancellation or modification of a reservation is possible by entering the email address and the postal code provided during booking. The function allows you to present all the reservations previously made by the user, but the possibility of modification or cancellation will be enabled only for those that have not exceeded the configured time limit. After the modification or cancellation, the system reports the related result by sending an e-mail and proceeding with the possible debit or credit of the difference amount, retracing the same procedure as when the reservation was re-entered.
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