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The InfoPoints are represented by totems located inside the airport grounds, these through a home page plus other functions, allow the passenger to perform the following operations:

  • check status card and voucher points,
  • fidelity card printing,
  • presentation of static pages of the airport services card
Within the airport areas, self-service info points are available to acquire information and benefit from customer care services. The available information services are:
  • presentation of the Service Charter;
  • overview of airport infrastructures;
  • flight search: after the boarding card is scanned, the passenger (once identified) indicates the boarding gate, the scheduled departure time and the actual scheduled time and the forecast weather in the destination city
  • destinations reachable from the airport
  • surveys, to which it is possible to take part only once the boarding pass has been scanned
  • search for shops and promotions
  • fast track with the possibility of online purchase
  • vip Lounge with the possibility of online purchase
  • Parking
The infopoint is equipped with a double screen and a series of multimedia features (webcam, printer, proximity sensor, NFC reader, …) that make it suitable to host an innumerable series of interactive services.
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