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The improvement of the quality and effectiveness of airport services dedicated to the distribution of information is a key factor to leverage passenger experience and simplify travelling. This can be achieved exploiting the power of a set of tools based on advanced ICT technologies, named MIS (Multichannel Information Services), addressed to the dissemination of information to passenger and staff  through a multichannel approach.

In addition to the management of Display Units located in airport areas, regardless dimensions and formats, the solution has the capability to provide information through several channels such as: Web Site, TV teletext, Automatic Call centre based on high quality voice recognition  and Text To Speech, Remote Display Units, Public address systems based on high quality Text To Speech.
MIS solutions can integrate flight data together with other sources of information such as :
  • Meteo data coming from official providers such as Epson Meteo
  • Special information regarding courtesy messages, safety notes and alarms
  • Multimedia advertising messages

At an airport, the orientation of the passenger is a fundamental element to ensure a high quality perception of the services offered and ensure a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Passengers, in fact, need to be guided with precise and unambiguous information about your flight and the routes you must take to reach the checkpoint rather than the boarding gate or baggage claim belt.
Therefore, in order to cope with an increasingly demanding airport community, the Multichannel Information Services family has been designed, the multi-channel modular system for public and staff reporting that, in addition to managing the Display Units located in the various airport areas , is able to provide information through a plurality of channels.


FIND is the system for presenting information to the public for flights departing and arriving at the airport


Flywindow is the advertising system that presents the messages directly on the airport Display Units


Notes Manager is the system of public presentation of notes through the Display Units of the airport.


AirportVoice is the Public Address system that aims to spread to the public and staff, operational and security messages and enterteinment audio channels


Energy Manager is the system  to efficiently manage power consumption of Display Units.

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