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The primary purpose of the Parking Discount Engine is to create an interconnection between the parking pricing logic and the commercial logics between the various departments of the company.

In particular, the module was created to ensure harmony between parking payment systems and the management of commercial agreements with the various commercial operators that gravitate in an airport site and with the management systems of the Customer Relationships Management programs. The Parking Discount Engine was conceived, therefore, to offer services that can be called up from the management processes of the parking payment systems and, on the other, to activate the specific commercial reward functions.


The Parking Discount Engine allows the insertion of new commercial awards in plug & play mode, that is, every rewarding logic is external to the gateway that only contains the ability to identify the option to be activated”




The current version of the Parking Discount Engine is able to manage the following reward systems:

  • Airline Discounts: discounts management for those who travel with valid qualification of affiliated companies. It is possible to configure the affiliated companies, the convention period and the relative% discount. By affixing the boarding card to the barcode reader of the cash desk, the system first detects the validity of the card and then applies the discount envisaged by the relative area company.
  • Fidelity Program: interface management towards the loyalty program Software Design for point acquisition and the use of vouchers for fidelity card holders. As an example, if the loyalty card of a traveler who has booked a 10% parking discount voucher is read out at the cash desk, the price at the cash desk will be reduced by 10% automatically.
  • Cross Selling: allows you to configure discounts for all users of particular services or airport shops. By using this module it is possible to encourage people to use airport services, and parking costs can be reduced. To authorize the discount when the user uses an airport service must request the reading of the parking ticket by means of special tablets installed at the points of sale associated. When the parking ticket is read at the cash machine, the Cross Selling module checks whether the ticket has been associated with an in-store transaction and applies the discount agreed for that store. The discount for points of sale can be freely configured. In order to manage the reading of boarding passes and loyalty cards, the parking system must be equipped with automatic counters equipped with a barcode reader and parking software
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