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XMessage is a module of AOSnice which is responsible for processing airline messages. Take advantage of all AOSnice services for the acquisition and distribution of messages.
Represents the only repository of text messages in the original format along with any modified versions due to errors highlighted by specialized analysis functions.
The main features of Xmessage are:

  • Receiving AirportGate messages
  • Storing and indexing of messages
  • Message routing to applications that subscribe to the airport service bus
  • Acquisition of the list of messages linked to a flight through a web service

Xmessage also offers a user interface that works in three different ways:

  • Search for messages based on a number of selection criteria
  • Selection of flights from a tree and presentation of all messages received
  • Virtual teletype. In this mode the system simulates a physical teletype that allows the replacement of such devices.


Using “XMessage” allows you to get the following benefits:

completely eliminate document printers”

“replace and integrate the functions of the document printer with an IATA messaging management in terms of parsing”

“obtain greater persistence and usability of messages”

“a historicization and indexing of messages according to flight and type”



The main functions offered by Xmessage are:

  • Receiving messages from the AirportGate
  • Storing and indexing of messages
  • Storing incorrect messages
  • Routing of messages to applications that have subscribed to the Service Bus
  • Possibility to acquire the list of messages linked to a flight through a web service


The XMessage module handles the management of IATA messaging in terms of parsing, persistence and usability. In particular, it provides for the historicization of messages and the indexing of the same with respect to flights and types of messages. Through a simple user interface, this module allows filtered search and the display of all the messages in transit both in the form of a list and text content.

In addition, dedicated http services also allow external applications to request the display of original messages related to a flight. This option is currently used by the ATM system through which it is possible to consult, in addition to the currently instantiated structured data for flights, the list of all messages received.

XMessage has been designed to provide a single source for all operating messages related to flights and belonging to IATA type B classes such as MVT, PTM, LDM, etc. It is based on the acquisition functions available in the AirportGate module belonging to the AOSnice platform. In particular, it receives messages characterized by a set of fields such as Message Type, Timestamp, Recognition Status (Correct / Incorrect), Original Text Message, and then proceeds to analyze them, using a Parser library.

Every message received is parsed and historicized using the following criteria:

If the message received is correct, XMessage historicizes the original text and the parsed message in the historical database and sends a notification containing the original text of the message.
If the message is incorrect, XMessage sends an anomaly notification to the Service Bus and places it in a temporary area to make it usable for future treatments.
Applications affected by message notifications can use two different methods:

  • Carry out subscribing to the Airport Service Bus for notifications of interest
  • Request the list of messages related to a flight
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