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Operating a modern and efficient airport has become today a challenging task for airport operators aimed at improving operational and financial targets. This ambitious objective requires a close relationship among all actors that work within the airport belonging to the several user communities. As the day-by-day airport management is based on information exchange between operational departments and administration offices, airlines and handling agents, airport authority and passengers, IT is now deemed a fundamental asset.

Moreover, current trends in the airport industry impose more and more efficiency and security: Hyper-regulation for safety and security; Market de-regulation in terms of liberalization, strong competitiveness and services customisation; Traffic segmentation and globalization to better answer to airline needs; Reduction of profitability for handlers and airlines; Increase of airline traffic; and so on. In such a scenario, only operators and authorities who will evolve gaining a competitive position can win the market challenges asking for more efficiency, high quality service levels and security. In order to support all actors in the airport industry to reach best efficiency and quality targets, Software Design has spent huge efforts in finding solutions and services capable of bringing them the power of technology innovation in a transparent way and working with a win to win approach.

The AOSNice framework is an integrated application environment that provides a set of tools enabling the centralised management of airport operational data. Single applications are efficiently and safely uncoupled in terms of both functionalities and technological aspects, thanks to the presence of integrated services available on shared communication bus. AOSNice modular and flexible architecture provides the following major infrastructural components: AOSNice Kernel (Airport Operation Database, Foundation Modules, Airport Service Bus), Multichannel Distribution Services (Display Unit Multicasting,  SMS, Web Portal, E-Mail,  Wireless, Voice), Applications.

AOSnice works around the most advanced technologies bringing all the related benefits to its users, hiding the related complexities by means of proprietary middleware: Internet paradigm, Secure protocols, Pervasive computing (hand held terminals, mobile offices, wearable devices, mobile phones, PDA, etc.), Voice and Data integration, Wireless networking (WIFI, GPRS, TETRA, etc.), Multilanguage Automatic Speech Recognition and Text To Speech, People Counting, Application Service Providing, Next One. All these technologies have been adopted to be independent from telecommunication channels, languages, hw devices and local infrastructure.


The new technologies of Business Intelligence have now played a decisive role in the search for the competitiveness of companies, Software Design has dedicated a solution to support decisions in the airport world


The entire set of planning and management solutions helps the planning and management of all types of human resources and mobile equipment


A family of products that automatically supports the entire infrastructure resource planning process from the comparative analysis of strategic planning scenarios to the management of real time allocations.


A solution developed to create a synergy between man and technology in order to minimize human activities and the risk of making mistakes. Collaborative Flight Management supports activities related to aircraft movements and airport infrastructures associated with flights


A whole family of products dedicated to multichannel information presentation, where a series of innovative multichannel information modules are implemented for public and staff information


Ensuring the safety of passengers and operators is one of the main responsibilities of airport managers, Digital Safety & Security is the family that supports digital security and is able to offer solutions for video surveillance, access control and anti-intrusion


AirportFlow is the ideal solution to provide airports with accurate real-time analysis of transit passenger flows


StaffUp is an extremely innovative App that guarantees an effective collaborative airport environment. The app dedicated to the airport community can provide real-time information to all the people who work at the airport.


Airport Solutions for Naples International Airport

Airport Solutions for “Galileo Galilei” Pisa International Airport 

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