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All the information captured by NAB systems related to purchases and Fidelity Cards can be exported to external CRM platforms. On the other side CRM platforms can require for voucher generations to be sent to airport customers.


CRM is a winning business strategy as it implements a new way of working and new management processes ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Establishes a new approach to the market that puts the customer at the center of business, sharing choices with all levels of corporate decision-makers. It helps to identify and manage customer profiles allowing the development of strategies aimed at maximizing profits based on a precise understanding of needs and expectations.

These tools allow to implement functions of marketing, sales, claims management and surveys management. The knowledge of the user takes through the loyalty card or signing up for newsletters.

CRM organizes the knowledge by collecting analytical data and feedback from the outside, useful to management in decision making.

It establishes personalized relationships  with customers through a multitude of communication channels  with which the company interacts.

The Customer Relationship Management supports direct marketing campaigns, including newsletters, tracing the business opportunities generated by each specific campaign. The entire process is managed by the storage of information in detail, and let to organize data supporting sales force and analyzers, such as contacts, expiration dates,  historical activity logs, sales process status, attachments, etc.

CRM solution used by Software Design and equipping then Business Systems Platform are SugarCRM and SalesForce. Other platforms can be integrated developing appropriate connectors.

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