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“Passenger Assistant” is the airport application for mobile devices characterized by an extreme lightness, essentiality and speed, and is installed and used on the single mobile device expanding the native capabilities of the device with a series of services, in the airport, such as consultation of the Service Guide (GDS).

“Passenger Assistant” is usable both from devices based on Android and iOS platforms and is independent of the type and resolution of the terminal; therefore all the screens are managed with the double portrait and landscape view.

The page structure consists of:

  • At the top of a section showing device information, such as the signal, wi-fi, date / time, battery, etc.
  • In the middle a section with the display of the selected service
  • A menu section where you present the full list of pages of functions that can be used.

The menu section offers among other things:

  • Home: page containing icons for the direct launch of the most used pages
  • Airport services: allows the consultation of all the services available at the airport by a passenger. The section is in turn structured into types of services.
  • Useful info: allows consultation of all types of information useful to all airport users. The section is in turn structured into types of info. At the time of startup, a “splash screen” page will be presented.

All pages have a static navigation, ie each service corresponds to a predetermined page optimized for mobile devices and each page is dynamically loaded and kept locally in the cache of the mobile device. Finally, information contents are presented with a natural adaptation to resolutions and characteristics of heterogeneous mobile devices.

Many sophisticated services are already available in the AOSnice portfolio, such as Airport Fidelity, Flight Info, eCommerce (Parking, auxiliary services, …), Engine Discount Engine (Air Contracts, Cross Selling, Fidelity Card, …), Proximity Notifier Commercial, Customer Support, Security, …).
Each available airport service has been built using sensitive technologies so that the user interfaces are adapted in the best way according to the size of the screen of the device, regardless of whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop.
PMA and mobile connectivity for transportation will increasingly become the gateway to the airport so that any advanced service will need to be integrated into a single source.

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