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Software Design srl


Quality, Environment, Information Security

Software Design’s Integrated Management System is based on a risk-based thinking approach that enables the organisation to determine the factors that could generate process deviations from the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 standards, to put in place preventive controls to minimise negative effects, and to make the most of the opportunities offered by the context by anticipating trends.

The objectives of the policies set out by the Management are as follows:

  • Aiming at customer satisfaction, the only guarantee of the company’s profitability, success and survival (the Customer first and foremost);
  • Full compliance with environmental and energy saving standards;
  • Paying the utmost attention to identifying and satisfying the needs of employees and collaborators;
  • Ensuring the full implementation of the Company’s Code of Ethics in order to ensure compliance with all the basic principles on which it is based and which can be summarised as transparency, ethics and sustainability;
  • Use processes and technologies constituting international ‘best practices’ to prevent and/or reduce environmental impacts;
  • Raise awareness among all interested parties that interact in various ways with Software Design on environmental protection and information security;
  • Train and sensitise employees to perform their duties in an environmentally responsible manner and in compliance with its Information Security Management System (ISMS) procedures;
  • Ensure transparency and be inspired by the principles of ethical finance in the conduct of economic-financial relations with stakeholders;
  • Improving the quality of process management with the consequent generation of positive results both economically and in terms of excellence and reputation towards the outside world;
  • Guaranteeing a constant action of valorisation, motivation and professional growth of employees;
  • Ensure all suppliers comply with the information security policy adopted by the Company;
  • Comply with the requirements of the Integrated Management System and ensure its continuous and effective application;

The implementation of the Integrated System is verified through periodic audits in specific areas and through reviews of the entire System aimed at verifying, also in quantitative terms, the achievement of objectives.

In the review phase, the results are analysed and will contribute to the definition of the quality objectives for each process. The results and objectives are made known to the functions concerned by means of an internal communication.

The management adopts and intends to maintain a management style based on accountability, delegation and control of results.

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Customer Satisfaction

Every year, in order to make our Integrated Management System more and more efficient, we invite our Customers to express their judgments on the products/services provided by our Company. The opinions and comments collected help us to better direct our efforts and to increase therefore the future satisfaction of our Customers.

Interventions requests

Aiming at a continuous processes improvement and at a clear cooperation with the customers, SD has decided to implement a system of requests management based on Web technology, allowing the users to easily page to the functions of entering and tracing of the interventions.

Every validated user can enter requests in the system, monitoring them in their cycle of life and view the details related to their progress status. The system also offers the possibility to realize report ad hoc, setting up filters that can be definied by the customers.We invite you to contact our Technical Support staff at the e-mail address or in order to receive more information or to request the credentials to access the system.

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