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A good passenger experience increasingly depends on the integrated and mobile digital approach. To enable passengers to enjoy all the benefits of end-to-end services, their mobile devices must be connected to any of the airport systems that allow an independent approach. The pervasive ubiquity is the main aspect to ensure that the passenger is always at the center. Passengers are mobile at an airport and need real-time information on flights and airport services they can use.
Many airports have built passenger connectivity services, but the services are still quite passive.
Our idea is based on the fusion of services aimed at improving the passenger experience and increasing the non-aeronautical business through a Mobile Assistant. The airport must become proactive and provide a single point of access to airport services.
By taking advantage of the power of the Passenger Mobile Assistant, any airport can be transformed into a truly innovative and usable airport.
PMA not only represents the digital access door to airport services, but also a proactive tool that helps passengers get what they need at the right time in any place.
PMA is at the same time a powerful tool for acquiring user profiling data to better address trade policies and operational services.
It is not an app. but a mutant object that exploits the power of Internet and mobile technologies to enrich its functional profile when the needs of customers grow. In any case, an App can be easily obtained to encapsulate services when local mobile functions are required by a passenger while retaining everything that has already been used.
PMA provides a single point of access to mobile services through a configurable graphical menu. The assistant can be activated by any means available on the airport site: airport wi-fi, Eddystone ibeacons, dedicated home page URL, app store downloads,
Many sophisticated services are already available in the AOSnice portfolio, such as Airport Fidelity, Flight Info, eCommerce (Parking, auxiliary services, …), Parking Discount Engine (Air Contracts, Cross Selling, Fidelity Card, …), Proximity Notifier Commercial, Customer Support, Security, …).
Each available airport service has been built using sensitive technologies so that the user interfaces are adapted in the best way according to the size of the screen of the device, regardless of whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop.
PMA and mobile connectivity for transportation will increasingly become the gateway to the airport so that any advanced service will need to be integrated into a single source.

To increase airport revenues it is necessary to give more space to services directly or indirectly related to passenger management.
The vast majority of air passengers expect, much more strongly than other modes of transport, to live a “fully integrated experience” that can take due account of their needs and preferences and can ensure relaxation and care during transit in the airport facilities.

It is therefore necessary to radically transform the airport business model through a customer-centric vision and innovative tools able to offer in a dynamic, adaptive, proactive and holistic approach all that passengers need when they need it. The approach to the new airport model called “Customer Centric Airport” is based on the synergistic effect of two essential elements that can transform passengers into airport customers:

“Passenger Experience Improvement”

“Non-aviation business growth through loyalty processes”


AirportApp is able to gather operational information and information on company promotion.


The infopoints located within the airport areas are self-service information points for acquiring information and benefiting from customer support services.


The Video Concierge service allows passengers through video and voice to communicate with customer support operators


The airport services that can be offered using the localization utilities are managed by a Generic Proximity Notifier environment where you can configure any type of notification by associating it with one or more airport fences


The system offers a conversation software that, through a chat interface, simulates the interaction between passengers and an airport operator

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