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Software Design srl

Case History

Naples International Airport

Naples International Airport, managed by GE.S.A.C. SpA, was the first airport in Italy to be privatized. The management company was privatized in 1997, with the entry of BAA as the majority shareholder, which sold its stake to F2i in 2010. The installed software modules deal with:

  • AODB – registry management of all airport resources
  • FIND – flight information
  • Staff Tracer – staff management and online control of shifts and attendance of operational and administrative staff
  • Flight Programming – TimeTable – Clearance Management – Matrices Management: flight seasons management, SCR management, automatic matrix creation
  • ATM – Registry: Flight operations management. MonitorsATM – RampMonitor: public information management system
  • ATM – Certification: Historical Data Management
  • ATM – Export – RBRT: Interfaces to external billing systems
  • ResourceBrain – Fixed Resources: Planning and management of fixed airport resources (stands, gates, check-in counters, baggage reclaim belts). Simulations for different flight programs
  • SmartVoice – Flight information by phone
  • Security and video surveillance management
  • ABI: system aimed at providing useful information to analyze company trends and explore new opportunities
  • Publishing
  • Advertising: advertising management system
  • People Counter: system for controlling the flow of passengers within the commercial area
  • REIS: Management of real estate and infrastructural assets
  • DBMarkerting is a Customer Care solution with the aim of directly and indirectly generating enormous benefits for the airport marketing functions
  • QSM: system for determining the indices of the quality perceived by travelers
  • Parking managementTaxi system

CUSTOMER: Naples International Airport

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