Managing a modern airport is an extremely demanding task, which implies great efforts and professional skills to cope with current industry trends that are increasingly demanding quality, efficiency and security.

Considering the rising cost of labor and the lack of qualified personnel on the one hand, and the need to increase revenues and improve service quality on the other hand, airport stakeholders require tools to help them allocate the right number of people, with the right skill at the right time and in the right place. All in strict compliance with SLAs of services, trade union rules and staff needs.

Software Design has developed a platform dedicated to human resources planning that supports managers and handling agents throughout a complete life cycle, starting from strategic simulations to real-time management with the help of mobile tools.

If these tools are well used they can make possible to achieve tangible benefits in terms of both quality of service and efficiency and consequently cost reduction.

Software Design has set itself the goal of breaking down the barriers to access to the advanced world of optimized management of human resources even for small and medium-sized airports who are not in a position to set up adequate management and control organizations for sophisticated ICT infrastructures.

With this idea in mind, Software Design has developed a special two steps offer :
• Trial
• Supply with license for use of a light platform with a fee option

The purpose of the Trial is to evaluate the effectiveness of ResourceBrain solutions in the specific context by testing the quality of the schedules made with the Tactical module and the assignment of services performed with the Precoordination module. The Trial is limited to a single operating sector, has a maximum duration of three months and includes the following services limited to the sector selected :
• analysis of the current state of the airport with particular reference to existing operating structures
• creation of a dedicated instance on a virtual machine allocated on Software Design servers and accessible via network
• consulting activities to rationalize and acquire the rules for the performance of services
• configuration of the flight plan, service contracts, work contracts, skills and all other accompanying information
• configuration of planning rules
• analysis of the results and comparison with the AS-IS

The Trial has a cost of € 8,000 for airports with a number of pax per year less than 5 million. The cost proposed doesn’t include travel costs if explicitly requested by the Customer.The cost of the Trial can be fully recovered in case of subsequent purchase of the solution.

In case of interest in the supply of the Software Design license, it can be installed on the Customer’s servers either with a unique provision payment or based on a monthly fee.
The installation can be done using the Oracle platform licenses that are already available on the customer site or using a new provision by Software Design.

The costs for providing the solution will have to be processed on a case-by-case basis…


The entire set of planning and management solutions helps the planning and management of all types of human resources and mobile equipment


The entire set of planning and management solutions helps the planning and management of all types of human resources and mobile equipment

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