Target Parameters

In order to reach and maintain high qualitative standards, SD has identified some parameters to which to make constant reference for the attainment of its own targets.

  • Product Documentation – reaching a good level of documentation in the 100% of the offered products, thanks to qualified staff.
  • Requirements satisfaction – achieving 100% satisfaction of the requirements agreed with the Customers through special activities of verification, review and validation.
  • Products quality – limiting number of claims per products under 10 per Customer per year.
  • Usability – extending the ergonomy level reached in recent products to older ones.
  • Economic conditions – providing an high level quality at low cost by perfecting production processes and by increasing percentage of reuse.
  • Variations requirements – considering particular requests about products functionality, in order to make them available to different customers.
  • Respect of delivery time – respecting the delivery times in the 95% of the cases at least.
  • Quality of the assistance – assuring definite intervention times for maintenance services thanks to the respect of the SLAs contractually engaged.
  • Technical skills – pursuing the constant staff professional training through the planning and the realization of training plans.
  • Professionalism – assuring that the staff competences, abilities and attitudes give a considerable contribution to the professional activity.
  • Reliability – meeting the commitments with the customer and becoming in time a trusty partner
  • Quality of the technical service – offering high qualitative standards for the different typologies of data processing consulting.

Customer Satisfaction

Every year, in order to make our Quality Management System more and more efficient, we invite our Customers to express their judgments on the products/services provided by our Company. The opinions and comments collected help us to better direct our efforts and to increase therefore the future satisfaction of our Customers.

Interventions requests

Aiming at a continuous processes improvement and at a clear cooperation with the customers, SD has decided to implement a system of requests management based on Web technology, allowing the users to easily page to the functions of entering and tracing of the interventions.

Every validated user can enter requests in the system, monitoring them in their cycle of life and view the details related to their progress status. The system also offers the possibility to realize report ad hoc, setting up filters that can be definied by the customers.We invite you to contact our Technical Support staff at the e-mail address aos-support@sita.aero or servicedesk-swdes@sita.aero in order to receive more information or to request the credentials to access the system.

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